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I love stories...the epic, the magic, but most of all the quiet, unexpected ones. I love that at any moment a story can allow you to escape a chaotic mind, feel less alone, or just laugh until it hurts.


I've been writing stories for two decades - most of which are in dusty notepads or long-forgotten word docs, never to be seen by another soul. A few are out there for people to read or watch, and many more are still skulking around in my sleep-deprived (I have a sleep-thieving baby) mind just waiting to let loose on that terrifyingly beautiful blank page...

Over the years, when not writing, I've worked as a dance teacher, English teacher, young people's mentor, researcher, script reader, Producer's assistant, juice deliverer, bartender, cleaner, dog walker, nanny, and Christmas cracker packer (for two weeks in a freezing cold warehouse - believe it or not I lasted the longest!)

I am currently developing a limited series and pitching both a short film and feature film to investors.

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